5 Reasons for Tree Removal, 4 Things to Look for Before Hiring Someone, & 3 Things to Discuss:

5 Reasons for Tree Removal:

  1. Tree is dying, damaged or diseased
  2. Construction
  3. Risk of falling on your home or business
  4. Overcrowded area
  5. Rotting and falling limbs

4 Things to Look for with Tree Removal Professionals:

  1. Licensed with the state of Georgia
  2. Liability insurance current
  3. Good reviews
  4. Referrals from friends, neighbors on Facebook or the online neighbor papers

3 Things to Discuss with the Tree Removal Professionals:

  1. Mark utilities via 811, get tree permits if required and HOA approval
  2. After removal of the tree(s) discuss what is expected with the debris clean-up
  3. Stump grinding/removal of the grindings

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