Put Your Leftover Pumpkins to Use

Pumpkins are rich in Fiber, Vitamin C and Potassium. Your garden squirrels, birds, foxes and deer can eat your leftover pumpkins, and here’s how! Just chop the pumpkin into fourths, and place the pieces around your yard. Deer, rabbits, and other creatures will make short work of them. Be mindful not to put out painted pumpkins, as the paints can potentially harm wildlife.

You can also add the pumpkin’s seeds to your regular birdseed. Rinse and dry the seeds before mixing them in. Remember don’t flavor or salt the seeds. Birds will eat the seeds as is, no seasoning required!

Lastly, composting is a great use of a leftover pumpkin. Simply remove the seeds first so your gourds don’t root in the compost pile and toss it in. Pumpkins will decompose even faster if you break them apart first.