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2 Basics for Firewood

The holiday season is an excellent time for building a toasty fire in the fire pit outside or a cozy one inside your fireplace. As you gather your supplies, there are a couple of basics for firewood to consider such as what type of wood to burn and how to store your firewood.


For the southeast area of the United States, oak is one of the most common trees and is considered the top choice for firewood. Oak burns the longest and produces the most heat out of all the different kinds of hardwood. One cord of oak firewood produces around 29 million BTUs. That’s equal to burning 200-250 gallons of fuel oil! So, if you choose oak for your fireplace, your house will stay plenty warm throughout the winter. Because of the density of oak wood, it also burns for a very long time. You could heat your home for an entire night without using many logs! Oak will give you the best and longest burn for your money! 


The best way to store firewood is to have an elevated firewood rack to keep it off the ground. Keeping the firewood off the ground prevents easy access from moisture from the ground and pests. A waterproof cover is helpful to keep your firewood dry, but keep in mind the cover needs ventilation to provide airflow. Another option if you don’t have a firewood rack is to use a vapor barrier or cinder blocks to stack the firewood. Firewood racks should be placed three to five feet away from the home and never in the house. Placing wood too close to your house may invite pests into your home. Wood-boring pests like to tunnel from wood into a house, so stacking any wood against your home is a bad idea. 

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