Spring Tree Check-up

Spring is an ideal time to check-up on your tree’s health. Look for the following symptoms, and don’t hesitate to call us for an expert assessment.

Too Much Lean? A leaning tree can be hazardous. Too much of a lean may be a sign of wind damage or root instability which can mean a higher risk for falling.

Tip Dieback? Often seen in older large oak trees, the tips of the canopy don’t leaf out but the rest of the tree does. This is a sign of root rot and general decline. 

Uneven Budding or Leafing Out? Trees with uneven growth may be suffering from disease or other issues.

Large Dead Limbs or Dying Branches? If you see a large dead limb or multiple dying branches, whether on the tree or on the ground, this could be an indication that your tree health is declining.

Fungus? If you find fungus on the branches, trunk or the ground surrounding the tree, this could be a sign of poor tree health which can become a dangerous tree as it loses strength.

Evergreens Browning? Is your evergreen losing its luster and turning brown? A number of diseases could be the culprit, or a lack of nutrients and water.

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