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Concrete Pads

Concrete pads are very versatile and a wonderful upgrade to your outdoor spaces. There are several types of concrete pads to consider depending on your needs:

Need more room for relaxing, entertaining, or family gatherings? Patio pads are a great solution! Complete Horticulture and Tree Service can create a patio pad or add a patio extension by adding onto your existing pad.

Need better organization for your garbage cans or a safe and stable place for your barbecue grill? Complete Horticulture and Tree Service can install a small utility pad to meet your needs.

Are the paths around your house unstable or hard to keep clean? Complete Horticulture and Tree Service can create a path from your front yard to your backyard or a route from your back door to the fire pit area or garden by installing a sidewalk to meet your needs.

Is your parking space inadequate for your family and friends? A well placed concrete pad adds parking to accommodate your friends and family, the camper, RV or boat. It can also make it easier to turn around.

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