Landscaping & Sod

Complete Horticulture & Tree Service does a great job estimating how much sod you need, what type of sod will work the best for your lawn, removing the old sod/grass from your yard, and prepping the area for the new lawn. 

Did you know that if you have adequate water for establishment and maintenance, sod can be installed almost anytime as long as the ground is not frozen? Spring and autumn are considered ideal times because the cool temperatures combined with occasional rain help the sod to quickly take root. 

Complete Horticulture & Tree service provides several different landscaping services including removing dead or dying trees, clearing the area and adding in sod or creating an island using plants, boulders and flowers. We assess and correct drainage issues which is a must for great landscaping. Need to improve your curb appeal? Landscaping is key and the best part is it simplifies the maintenance of your outdoor green spaces.

Complete Horticulture & Tree Service will make customized suggestions for your space using their expertise and knowledge of utilizing plants for our Zone 7 plant hardiness zone, selecting tried and true plants for our hot summers and installing plants in areas where they can thrive based on your shady or sunny spots. Future growth of the plant is also considered so that you don’t have a future problem of overcrowding. Your lawn can be beautiful and easy to keep maintained. 

Complete Horticulture & Tree Service always provides FREE ESTIMATES. Call our office at 678.910.8686 and ask for Teresa!